The idea of sauna therapy is hardly a new one. Beginning in ancient Japan and Scandinavia, the therapeutic effects of sauna treatment have been well known for generations. Over the years, that treatment has moved from natural hot springs to health clubs to home sauna rooms, all offering the soothing healing properties of heat.

The benefits of this treatment can’t be denied, but now the creators of the Super Sauna have taken it one step further. At its core, a sauna works by triggering a sweat response, which is an outward signal that your body is working overtime to cool itself off. In doing that work, circulation is improved, blood pressure lowered, wounds heal faster and chronic pain is eased while the sweat washes built-up toxins out of the body.

Along with the healing properties, there is the added benefit of stress relief as the heat soothes your body and eases you into a relaxed state. The difference with the Super Sauna is its patented far infrared technology. Because it uses invisible light wavelengths to produce heat, there is no steam involved, which eliminates the sweltering, choking feeling of a traditional sauna.

It is a similar effect as being outside on a hot day when there is relatively low humidity. The temperature is still high but it doesn’t feel as oppressive because it isn’t clinging to your body with humidity. Instead, using the same infrared rays that you get from the sun, you are warmed from the inside, producing the same comfortable, relaxing warmth you feel when you sit in the sun.

The open design eliminates the claustrophobic feeling that many people get from traditional saunas. You can literally breathe easier as the air is cleaner and less cloying. And with its unique, open air design, the Super Sauna also avoids the necessity of shutting yourself inside a small room, which can add to that closed off feeling. Plus, there is no longer a need to use a shared, public space, which can often be unsanitary.

Another advantage over traditional sauna rooms, which are generally made of wood, is that the Super Sauna is able to distribute its healing infrared waves more evenly. What most people don’t realize is that wood actually absorbs heat. That means that in a traditional sauna, a good part of the heat being generated is actually being absorbed back into the sauna itself rather than reaching your body. The Super Sauna, made of metal, avoids this and radiates 100% of its healing far infrared waves onto your body where you need them.

Aside from the mechanical constructs, another huge advantage to the Super Sauna is convenience. Now you can get the healing sauna therapy you want without having to take on the added expense or inconvenience of a health club or spa membership. You can easily set up the Super Sauna in your own home. Its unique horseshoe shape even allows it to sit neatly in the corner of a room without taking up a lot of extra space. And the controls allow you to target specific parts of your body so that you can get the healing you need exactly where you need it.

It’s a proven fact that the various wavelengths of the infrared spectrum can produce a variety of healing responses within the body. Everything from providing stress relief and relaxation to lowering blood pressure to helping promote detoxification is possible with just a few minutes a day in the Super Sauna. Infrared sauna therapy can even help you to lose weight as the heat of the infrared rays stimulates the metabolism, giving you all of the benefits of a mild workout without all of the work.

The same process that is allowing you to burn off calories and eliminate toxins can also help to rejuvenate and purify the skin, making you look and feel younger and healthier. You can melt away the effects of aging and have smooth, silky skin as your pores are opened and your body works to restore depleted collagen levels. Not quite the fountain of youth, but it may just be the next best thing!

When you add up the cost of a gym or spa membership along with purchasing all of the skin care products and weight loss gimmicks that you would otherwise be using, the expense of buying and installing the Super Sauna is clearly worth it. And with all of the health benefits it can give you, it will pay for itself many times over, all without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

More and more people are discovering the advantages of infrared sauna therapy and when it comes to this innovative approach, nothing can beat the Super Sauna. There is simply no other product on the market today that brings you the best of infrared technology in an easy to install and convenient to use package. You’ll look better, feel better and breathe easier using the Super Sauna, so there’s really no reason to look anywhere else for the state-of-the-art sauna therapy you want.

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