The Super Sauna represents the very latest in infrared sauna technology, far surpassing traditional wood sauna construction and effectiveness.

It’s patented portable ‘horseshoe’ design contains 16 times more infrared emitters than any other sauna in the world. No more sitting in a claustrophobic and unsanitary box of other people’s sweat, toxins and body excretions. After 30 minutes using the super sauna, we guarantee you’ll love it or your money back.

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USAGE Super Sauna All Other Saunas
Size (approximate H x W x D) 6’ x 55” x 29” Large as a closet
Weight (approximate) 250 lbs. Over 1,000 lbs.
Cleaning wipe clean Difficult to Impossible
Remove Stains wipe clean Replace wood
Remove Contaminants mild soap/alcohol Impossible
Moveable locking wheels No (permanent)
Handicap Accessible YES No

COMFORT Super Sauna All Other Saunas
Accessibility Easy Difficult
Open Design YES No
Capacity Multi-Person 2 or more
Seating/Reclining Stand/Sit/Stool/Chair Wood bench only
Safe for Children, Pets & Electronics YES No

TECHNOLOGY Super Sauna All Other Saunas
Number of Emitters 72 2, 4, 6 or 8
Infrared Emitter Availability Targeted to Body Hidden (under bench/in wall)
Infrared Emitter Quality Custom (Highest) Standard
Infrared Wavelengths User Controllable Pre-set (?) from factory
Infrared Wave Targeting Yes No
Number of Zones to Target Body 3 None
Proprietary Noble Gas Electron Harmonics Yes None

CONSTRUCTION Super Sauna All Other Saunas
Power Supply 220 V Outlet/Plug Hard Wired (permanent)
Outer Construction Steel/Aluminum Wood
Assembly Required NO Yes
Construction Required NO Yes
Building permit required NO Normally
Portable & Moveable YES No (permanent)
Indoor or outdoor use YES – PORTABLE No (permanent)
Durable Materials YES No
Non absorbent surface YES No
Flammable No Yes

PURCHASING Super Sauna All Other Saunas
Shipping Worldwide Continental US
Financing Available YES Sometimes
Guarantee 30 MINUTE GUARANTEE Sometimes
Warranty 1 YEAR (PARTS & LABOR) Varies

Download comparison chart >>

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